Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roy on the Royals

Mixing mum and politics

Keep your pecker up.#6

Keep your pecker up.#5

Keep your pecker up.#4

Keep your pecker up.#3

Keep your pecker up.#2

From the author of how to keep your pecker up.#1

A rare photo of, er.. Dr. Scudder

Dr. Scudder Page 2

Potty Talk -then- Circling the drain

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An attempt to sucker you in to a 3 page discourse

In actual fact I reversed the order 'Blog-sense wise' so the interested reader can scroll leisurely in context.

Page 2 - referencing the war he was never in... regrets?

Page 3 - the Roundup.

A rather delicate footnote

Cubism enters the bloodstream

It was only a matter of time - the proliferation of Nanotechnology and all that stuff. It's the next phase that Roy is worried about I think-

Time for a BIG Overview

One or two may have been overlooked. An Oversight I assure you. Like the ever-popular..Assparrotguts

Squinting through the magnifying glass...

It takes a special sensitivity to recognize the important role played day-in, day-out by our bug friends. Without their enduring patience we would probably have to swat our politicians.

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Roy's "Things" tend to be microscopically small, but inhabit large expanses of hitherto uncharted territories. That's probably why he's such a Guru...

Warning!- This topic may be offensive to some readers/viewers.

Actually, it's an obvious poke at the Capitalist system, no pun intended.

On cleanliness, communicable disease and restaurants

There's a fave little spot of Roy's right in Pt. Richmond where they offer a mighty decent meatball.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A reflection on the 'heady' days in Marin

Roy would have enthusiastically enrolled in religious cults - only they already had a very capable Guru.

That cigar last night was too much.

Roy contemplates pulling together the dribs of his pension and few remaining resources to build an insurgency.

Roy forms his Grand Thesis

Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity in itself.

By Golly, it could work!

Real Estate of the Union

This morning Roy feels more out of sorts than usual.

Roy concedes.

Coincidentally, all this month PBS was running a rather tedious Roman-themed series from BBC London - about the 3rd repeat in the same amount of years. Those same polystyrene columns, again and again. Could Roy have been influenced?

A little bit of soul-searching...

Dark clouds spill from 'The Refinery' and settle over Roy's little house during the night. Roy has become an expert at interpreting the meaning and significance beyond the city limits of Point Richmond as far away as the capital.

Roy's Gift suggestions for the Prez and friends.

Incidentally all of the above were product-tested in Roy's kitchen the evening before, with common everyday objects, for seamless authenticity.

Roy takes an alternative view of seasonal offerings 2003

Some of these high-minded ideas may have something to do with inhalation of a recent toxins discharge from the Point Richmond refinery. Despite a company spokesman's categorical denial that there could possibly be any measurable, negative repercussions, Roy's tone is definitely combative I'd say.

Part 3 of roy's obsession with his carpet - a nice Axminster

When Roy got his new prescription glasses, it was if a whole new world opened up. These may be out of order - like this is #3 - where's #2 ?...but then Roy was quite out of order periodically too.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A tangent is something that skitters off any given parabolic path...

Roy knew a thing or two about the Cosmos and was always ready to give vent to that knowledge... the saving grace of the man was... he could always bring it back down to earth whenever he had to run to the toilet.

Memo from Roy regarding Haircuts

As Roy put it: "it's the little things you measure progress by... If you're going to go 'over the top' - go with a short back and sides."

Visionary? Maybe... Silver-tongued evangelist, more likely.

Once again, Roy affirms that a 2nd language is invaluable.

Roy always sez It's best to start with something dramatic

Using techniques learned in Ad Agency seminars, Roy cunningly weaves a web of intrigue upon his unsuspecting audience.

Could Socrates have said it more eloquently?

Roy continues with the thrust...  although the willing audience has removed momentarily to the toilet

Roy handed me a footnote

Best not to question specifics of Roy's thrust-it can lead to long bouts of philosophy and longing, interspersed with a few beverages.

Fall used to be such a pretty season...

One is never really sure these days - is one?

And so it begins...

A recent observation from Roy from his roost in Point Richmond CA.
Already way ahead of the 8 ball.